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Ancient and Medieval Literature about Turks.

History of the Turks, Moguls, and Tatars, Vulgarly Called Tartars together with a Description of the Countries They Inhabit. In Two Volumes. Translated from the Tatar manuscript written in the Mogul language by Abu’l Ghazi Bahader, Khan of Khowarazm. London, 1730.

Volume 1. p-1-250

Volume 1. p.251-429

Volume 2. p. 1-250

Volume 2. p. 251-429

Divanü Lugat-İt-Türk. Written by Mahmud al Kashgari in 1072. Translated into Turkish by Besim Atalay. 1985. Ankara.

Volume 1. p.1-57

Volume 1. p.58-147

Volume 1. p.148-235

Volume 1. p.236-325

Volume 1. p.326-415

Volume 1. p.416-530

Volume 2. p.2-92

Volume 2. p.93-184

Volume 2. p.185-274

Volume 2. p.275-366

Volume 3. p.2-90

Volume 3. p.91-201

Volume 3. p.202-286

Volume 3. p.287-379

Volume 3. p.380-452

Volume 4. p.1-54

Volume 4. p.55-129

Volume 4. p.130-204

Volume 4. p.653-727

Volume 4. p.713-802

Volume 4. p.803-885

Древнетюркский словарь. 1969. Ленинград.

Dictionary of Ancient Turkic Words with Russian Translation.

Лызлов Андрей. Скифская история. Written in 1692. Published in 1990. Moscow.

Lyzlov Andrey. The History of Scythes. In Russian.