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Ancient Turkic Lands

Map by KashqariAD1072KashgariMapThe Map of Mahmud Al-Kashgari in Arabic (on the left) and English translation (on the right), showing the location of Turkic people. XI c. ( Click on it to see a larger image)

An Universal History,from the Earliest Account of Time. Volume XX. Book IV. The History of the Turks,Tartars,and Moguls. London.1748


The History of Herodotus. By Herodotus. Translated by Isaac Littlebury. The 3rd edition. London, 1737.


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Diwan Lugat at-Turk – Compendium of the Turkic Dialects. By Mahmud al Kashgari. XI c.Translated by R.Dankoff and J.Kelly. 1982 



History of the Turks, Moguls, and Tatars, Vulgarly Called Tartars together with a Description of the Countries They Inhabit. In Two Volumes. Translated from the Tatar manuscript written in the Mogul language by Abu’l Ghazi Bahader, Khan of Khowarazm. London, 1730.